Our Story So Far

The Offshore 42 is a low budget, high quality offshore sailboat that is currently on the drawing board.  John Harries, of Attainable Adventure Cruising, originally wrote up the concept for the boat with the help of his readership. Under the name Adventure 40, the boat came to life in the virtual environment. Erik stepped in a couple of years after the idea came about and volunteered to make a design. That design was loosely based on the Expedition 50 as Erik’s boat already had the majority of the Adventure 40’s core principles implemented in it.

As time went by, John and Erik had several minor disagreements and Erik’s life changed in unexpected ways. This ultimately ended in the termination of the cooperation between Erik and John. But Erik has not stopped working on the design. The response from the public has shown that there is a demand for high quality, low budget offshore sailboats. Kip Wanaselja stepped in to manage the project and Kip and Erik are continuing to develop the concept into a real boat that will sail the oceans in the near future.

On this news page we would like to inform you about the progress we are making, as well as answering questions on a public platform that are sent to us by email.

Lets stop talking and get to work building great boats!


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