St. Francis YC Presentation

We are excited to announce that there will be a presentation on the Offshore 42 given by Kip, at the St. Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco California on Wednesday May 17th.  The St. Francis is one of the oldest and most prestigious yacht clubs in America and has a rich tradition of holding guest … Continue reading St. Francis YC Presentation


Hull Form

Today's post will be a review of some of the design aspects that were worked out previously but never posted on this site.  We will have a few of these over the next month so that we can have a more complete record of the boat.  Today's post will focus on the hull form and … Continue reading Hull Form

Hull Structure

Fiberglass is a material that is made by laminating glass fibers together, using a resin. This can be done in various different ways with a variety of materials. Traditionally the resin has been polyester, a low-cost durable resin that has been used for 50 years. The disadvantage is that polyester is prone to osmosis if not sealed properly and the quantity needed makes … Continue reading Hull Structure

Chain Plates

A common problem with many chain plate designs is that the chain plate will leak over time and cause structural damage. Many of these designs have the chain plates penetrating through foam or balsa cored decks. Eventually, the outer layer of glass starts to leak, allowing water into the core material which starts a rotting process … Continue reading Chain Plates

Keel Design

The keel design for the Offshore 42 has by far gotten the most attention when it comes to engineering. We all know that a keel on a monohull is one of the most important aspects when it comes to safety and performance but judging by the failures we have seen in recent years, keels seem … Continue reading Keel Design


The advantage of building and testing a prototype is that issues with the design and specifications can be discovered and resolved before the boat goes into production. The downside is that prototyping is very costly and that is why testing a full size boat before production is seldom, if ever, done. *Please note: The Offshore 42 has … Continue reading Prototyping