At Offshore Sailboats we strive to create some of the best sailboats on the water.  Great care is taken in each of our designs and all of our models are tested extensively offshore during the prototyping phase.  We offer some of the most capable offshore sailboats available, and at a price that is competitive with what the big name brands are offering. Tired of slow and heavy boats that prioritize the number of cabins over sailing performance? Choose Offshore Sailboats instead!

Our Team

Erik De Jong: Lead Designer and Technical Advisor

A passionate sailor and designer, Erik began his sailing career as a toddler, on board his parents’ boat, exploring the high latitudes of Europe. His passion for designing and building took off when he designed a 50ft high latitude expedition boat of his own when he was only 16. A few years later Erik built Bagheera with his dad, all from scratch, sails included. Bagheera has sailed over 50,000 miles in the past 8 years, including a Northwest Passage transit from Greenland to Alaska in 2015.  Erik is an accomplished marine designer and in addition to his charter business has designed many successful commercial vessels and has worked as a sail designer for North Sails.


Kip Wanaselja: Marketing Director & Project Manager

A naturally enthusiastic individual, Kip has been a lifelong sailor and raced dinghies for over 6 years.  He now enjoys racing ultra light displacement boats along the west coast and is planning on campaigning in the 2017 California Offshore Race Week.  Having previously started a sailing related company focused on doing research into using rigid wing sails, he is now focusing on more broadly appealing boats.  When he is not racing sailboats he can be found working on his car, mountain biking, or on the next big adventure.