Ventilation & Heating

Ventilation on a cruising boat is important no matter the climate, to prevent moisture buildup and mold. The offshore 42 will have 2 openable deck hatches, 4 opening portlights in the superstructure and 2 dorade vents with cowlings for the head and shower. There are also strategic places where a fan could be hung to further increase air circulation.

Openable windows and ports are notorious points of leakage, and there are few things we hate more than a drop of water where it does not belong. Therefore, all hatches and portholes on the Offshore 42 will have been well tested at sea. A pressure test in a lab will not cut it.

To keep the Offshore 42 comfortable in warm and cooler climates, insulation is important and is provided by the cored deck and topsides.

For those who want a heater, we are offering two options. One is an installed drip style diesel stove, the Dickinson “Alaska”. This is a stove that uses diesel and nothing else. It is completely silent and gives a nice dry heat. The other option is a hot air heater, which is operated by just turning up the thermostat. However, hot air heaters are complicated machines that require an awful lot of electrical power in addition to diesel and are noisier than a drip style diesel stove.

If you want a heater on your Offshore 42, all you have to do is let us know which one (or both) you would like installed, and the yard can take care of it. Or you can easily install it yourself after delivery, as the boat will come with all drawings needed to make these upgrades.

You can see the where the heater would be placed in this image:




2 thoughts on “Ventilation & Heating

    • offshoresailboats says:


      We feel that Dickinson offers a good product for the price, and one that has been tested extensively by Erik in his high latitude sailing. It provides more than enough output for his 50ft boat, and a smaller model should be plenty for the Offshore 42. However as the heater is optional, any brand can be fitted after purchase, and we will provide plans that detail the location as well.


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