Reliable & Versatile

Every sailor has his or her own opinion on necessary equipment. Sailing area and budget also determines which items are considered essential and which are luxury. At Offshore Sailing we feel it is important for our clients to have the flexibility to choose how they want their Offshore 42 equipped. The option list will be finalized once a yard contract is in place and we will give a detailed explanation at that time. In the mean time the provisional list shows what we are considering.

For the customer that wants a turn-key, “sail away” model, they can choose to have all the necessary equipment to cross oceans installed by the yard. Additionally, we have included equipment options that are a necessity in cold climates but not essential in the tropics.

There will also be the possibility to take delivery of the Offshore 42 without any of the options installed, making it one of the most versatile boats on the market without sacrificing reliability.



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